Performance Schedule

Join us in the gallery on the following dates for food, music and conversation. To participate in a specific performance, please make a reservation by clicking on the performance link below and leaving a comment.

Friday, February 3rd - 1 PM
Potato Piroshki (inspired by Sasha Ivanov)
Steamed Garlic Chive and Shiitake Dumplings with Lemongrass Chili Dipping Sauce (inspired by Jason Wang)

Saturday, February 4th - 1 PM
Bittersweet Molten Chocolate Cakes with Coffee Ice Cream (inspired by Susie Reid)

Thursday, February 9th - 1 PM
Pancit (inspired by Kathleen Miranda)

Friday, February 10th - 5-7 PM (Press Night)
Fresh Blueberry Pie with Cinnamon Almond Crust (inspired by Darcy Burgund & E. Darcy Burgund)

Saturday, February 11th - 1 PM
Vegetable Samosa with Green Chutney (inspired by Amitabh Handa)
Aloo Pulao (inspired by Sashi Uhlmann)

Thursday, February 16th - 1 PM
Leek, Potato, and Tarragon Soup (inspired by Miranda Pearce)
Asparagus Soup with Parmesan Custards (inspired by Martin Schmaltz)

Friday, February 17th - 1 PM
Double-Peanut Double-Chocolate Chip Cookies (inspired by Barbara Spiegelman)
Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream (inspired by David Spiegelman)

Saturday, February 18th - 1 PM
Cantaloupe Sorbet with Melon Confetti Compote (inspired by Darcy Burgund)
Spicy Vegetarian Chili and Corn Bread with Golden Raisins (inspired by Jim Venable)

Thursday. February 23rd - 1 PM
Blueberry Boy Bait (inspired by Robin Morgan)

Friday, February 24th - 5-8 PM (Opening Reception)
Green Salad with Apple Dressing and Camembert Toasts (inspired by Guillaume Charras)
Crepes with Fresh Strawberry Marmalade and Mascarpone Cream (inspired by Ben Eskinazi)

Thursday, March 2nd - 1 PM
Lemon Meringue Pie (inspired by Carrie Benjamin)

Friday, March 3rd - 1 PM
Spice Cake with Pink Applesauce Filling (inspired by Catherine Cavanaugh)

Saturday, March 4th - 1 PM
Guava Cheese Flan (inspired by Jeanette Adames)
Tofu with Jamaican Spicy Yellow Curry (inspired by Dana Foster)

Thursday, March 9th - 1 PM
Roasted-Peanut Honey Bread (inspired by Samantha Jordan)
Banana Pancakes with Banana Caramel Syrup (inspired by Robert Dworkin)

Saturday, March 11 - 1 PM
Macaroni and Cheese (inspired by Keith Campbell)
Pastitsio (inspired by Nick Soutzoglou)