February 24, 2006

Green Salad with Apple Dressing and Camembert Toasts &
Crepes with Fresh Strawberry Marmalade and Marcapone Cream

Interview with Ben Eskinazi

Interview with Guillaume Charras

Performance Photos

Cooking and talking on the phone don’t just don’t mix, at least not for me anyway. I’m an ok multi-tasker when I have to be, but activities like following a recipe, or having a conversation with a dear friend, really need undivided attention. Despite this knowledge, I picked up a ringing phone while preparing crepe batter, and I paid the price. I think I did ok by my friend, but forgot the eggs in the crepe recipe, and they turned out like heavy little pancakes. They tasted fine, especially all slathered up in strawberry marmalade and sweet cheese, but weren’t at all what I intended. Sorry Ben! But people seemed to enjoy them anyway along with that simple but tasty green salad, and delicious cheese. Openings are stressful for me, even though they are really more about socializing than the art, as a tightly packed gallery doesn't leave much space to breathe anything in too deeply. It’s always challenging to put work out there into the world, as it means exposing a good-sized piece of my heart in the process. So these events are always easier when there are friendly and supportive faces in the crowd. Thanks to everyone who braved the wicked cold to join us this evening. I hope a good time was had by all.

Posted by leah at February 24, 2006 09:02 PM
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