February 09, 2006


Interview with Katheen Miranda

Performance Photos

It is bitter cold outside and cold in the gallery today too, a perfect day to make soup. This dish is comprised of humble ingredients, noodles, broth, mushrooms, cabbage and carrots, and it is delicious. Another artist in the show, Jae ate with us at the table today. She commented after tasting, that Pancit is similar to Pho, a Vietnamese noodle dish. I wonder where in culinary history those two dishes connect. We are both doing some work at the intersection of art and science, using live plants as a means of investigation. We discussed hydroponics, book sources and names of scientists we’ve corresponded with, and expressed a desire to further our discussion at a later date. We also talked about how we both enjoy cooking and how important nesting, or making a home has become to both of us, in spite of the transitory life of graduate students, and uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Posted by leah at February 9, 2006 07:04 AM


I would love to join you on Thursday, the 9th. I've long taught my children that food is so much more than just to fill the tummy. Is this vegetarian food? Thank you!


Posted by: Karen at March 5, 2006 09:16 PM
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