February 17, 2006

Double Peanut Double Chocolate Chip Cookies &
Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream

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I am freezerless. So when I arranged this menu, I was counting on the bitter chill of a New England winter night to provide the ice for my ice cream. But today was unseasonably warm, and the dessert failed. This morning I noticed a forsythia bush in bloom, a sight that normally brings spring to my heart instead caused distress. It’s too soon. The trees are confused, and I feel confused by the strange weather too. When I arrived at the gallery it was 50 degrees and cloudy. By the time I popped the first batch of cookies into the oven 30 minutes later, a torrential rain storm hit, followed immediately by a wash of sunshine, and a sharp drop in temperature back well below freezing. I felt like I was inside of a climate machine gone amuck. I fear the damage we are causing this planet is driving nature to the breaking point.

The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is one of my favorites, but the cookies were a bit dry. I realized that I always buy natural peanut butter and drain off of the oil as I don’t like the mess of stirring it in. So either don’t use natural peanut butter, or keep the oil in, and the recipe should be fine. Halsey has a trick to turn the jar upside down in the pantry for a week before opening to let the oil incorporate itself back in. I just tried this for myself and it works beautifully.

Posted by leah at February 17, 2006 08:59 PM
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