September 16, 2006

Chelsea Art Museum - New York, NY (Museum Tour)

WHEN: Saturday, September 16th, 12:00 - 6:00 PM
WHERE: Chelsea Art Museum - 11th and W. 22nd, New York, NY
WHAT: Though the booth has traveled to New York before (Jim Kempner Fine Art), this will be the first of two New York BYOV events on the Museum Tour. Chelsea seems to be where much of the most cutting edge art is happening in New York, so this should be an ideal location.

    - Should art museums help visitors understand the art that they display?
    - Should art be felt or understood?



Number of voices recorded: 9
Reading sheets used: 23
Weather: much nicer than the night before when we drove down
Level of success: the optimist in me says "fine"
Records broken: most cavernous and sparsely populated location ever
Photos: Check them out

We setup the booth in the main gallery on the first floor of CAM in the midst of the Jean Miotte retrospective show. It was a beautiful space, and I enjoyed being surrounded by Miotte's large abstract paintings. The weather was beautiful, and people were mainly outside, it seemed. Plenty of people ventured into the gift shop, but when they tried to enter the museum gallery, they were informed that there was an entrance fee. This unfortunately discouraged 99% of the potential entrants, most likely because in Chelsea there are free galleries every 25 feet.

That said, we were nonetheless able to record some brave individuals and a few unsuspecting children. Thank you to the CAM for letting us spend the day in your beautiful space and to Jean Miotte for providing the visuals.

As usual, click below to access some representative audio clips:

censorship is good

very small contingent


meaningful and beautiful

ha ha ha

totally immoral

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