October 01, 2005

Jim Kempner Fine Art - New York City

WHEN: Saturday, October 1st, 2-6PM
WHERE: Jim Kempner Fine Art - 501 West 23rd Street (entrance on 10th), New York City

WHAT: I am venturing south to the BIG city for the first time with the Bring Your Own Voice booth. I think this venue will be great as it is a very impressive art gallery with cool architecture including a courtyard which is where, weather depending, I will set up the booth. JKFA is particularly appropriate for a BYOV event as this is the gallery where Tanja Alexia Hollander shows her work in New York. JKFA also represents a large number of other famous and talented artists.

So please join me and Tanja and everyone at the gallery for an afternoon of voice recording and viewing of cutting edge contemporary art. I need to hear the voices of New York.



Number of voices recorded: 26
Reading sheets used: 12, 9, 14
Weather: beautiful, though slightly warm for New England fall
Level of success: high - excellent first trip to NYC
Records broken: number of voices recorded
Photos: Check them out

New York is a different beast than Boston. This statement is true in so many ways, but for me and BYOV events, it was mainly different because it required significantly more travel than anything in the past, and New York is so much bigger and more unfamiliar to me than Boston. That said, this event went very smoothly. I was remarkably lucky with the parking, the weather behaved perfectly and truth be told, there were really no technical glitches or other unforseen difficulties.

I set up in the courtyard of JKFA which was a beautiful location, and served my purposes as well since everyone who entered the gallery had to pass through that space. The booth generated lots of interest and I ended up being pretty busy all afternoon explaining what on earth it was that I was doing to curious gallery patrons. My parents and cousin (with wife!) joined the fun as did friends from college (one of whom carries the dubious distinction of having been the lead singer in the cover band I played in freshman year - yes, it's sad, but at least I made some money!) so I was never without friendly support.

Big thanks to Jim and Jen at JKFA for their assistance and to Tanja for helping set the whole thing up.

As usual, click below to access some representative audio clips:

technology apology

soul recycling

nature can be fabulous!


a dragon!


cast them aside

the first baby

a philosophy for living


I am an angry person


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