Artist Biographies


Halsey Burgund
Halsey Burgund was born in 1973 in Connecticut.  After graduating from Yale University with a degree in Geology and Geophysics, he worked as a furniture maker/designer as well as in the high-tech industry before focusing on music composition.  He currently writes music using a combination of traditional instruments with spoken voices of many otherwise uninvolved individuals which he collects using a portable voice-recording booth called the Bring Your Own Voice booth.  His most recent album, ‘words and voices’, under the name aesthetic evidence, was released in April 2005 and contains music written in this style.

Leah Gauthier
Leah Gauthier was born in 1963 in Chicago, Illinois. She received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1996, and is an MFA Candidate at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Tufts.  She is a conceptual artist using natural materials, live plants, digital output (video, photography, animation, sound) and performance to explore natural and cultural relationships, processes and interconnectivity.  Leah teaches new media at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and Tufts University.  Her work has been exhibited at The Portland Museum of Art, The Burren College of Art (Ireland), School of the Museum of Fine Art Boston, Bowdoin College, Centro Pablo de la Torriente Brau, (Cuba), and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, among others.