July 19, 2006

The Aldrich Museum - Ridgefield, CT (Museum Tour)

WHEN: Saturday, July 15th, 12-5PM
WHERE: the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum - Ridgefield, CT

WHAT: This event will kick off the Bring Your Own Voice Museum Tour. With dates at other museums in the northeast throughout the summer and fall, I will be collecting opinions on art and the role of museums in today's society. As always, the intent of these collections is not only to learn more about what people think about topics that interest me, but to act as raw material for a musical work.



Number of voices recorded: 39
Reading sheets used: 22
Weather: way too hot to be outside doing much of anything
Level of success: very high - a great way to kick-off the tour
Records broken: first time Perrier was provided to us!
Photos: Check them out

I hope that the entire BYOV Museum Tour goes as well as this event. The venue was great, both logistically and in terms of the people who work there. The voice collecting went at a steady and more relaxed pace throughout which was a nice change from the usual fits and starts. René and I both remarked at how we weren't totally wiped afterwards like we were after the Museum of Science event. We had yummy Indian food to celebrate and then I got to watch a recap of the day's activities on Le Tour (this was quite a treat since I have no cable at home!)

HUGE thanks to René, the woman who can cheerily convince just about anyone to enter a small dark box to record their voice (even accompanied by a photographer!). Also to the incredibly kind people at the Aldrich. You are all inspirational.

As usual, click below to access some representative audio clips:

the best reason ever!

this is what I like to hear!

limitations are bad

BIG with tiny

a nice sibling disagreement

any guesses?

different feelings for different folks

be grand and big and fly high


heart of stone


art tells you what it's talking about

visceral vs. cognitive

I feel grateful for art

SpongeBob may not be art

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