April 22, 2005

CD release - Portland, ME

WHEN: Friday, April 22, 8-10 PM
WHERE: Casco Bay Books, 151 Middle Street, Portland, ME

WHAT: Come celebrate the release of words and voices, the debut album from aesthetic evidence, and have your voice recorded in the BYOV Booth for use in future aesthetic evidence releases.

Though there will not be a live performance of my music, there will be the opportunity to record your voice in the Bring Your Own Voice booth for use in future music. Also, you will be able to get great food and drink, and browse through one of the most interesting collections of books for sale in Portland.



Number of voices recorded: 19
Reading sheets used: 7, 4, 8, 2, 1
Weather: ahead of the rain
Level of success: very high
Photos: Check them out

So the big excitement for this event was the news coverage. Turns out that the anchor for Channel 8, the local ABC affiliate, showed up along with a camera crew and did a little spot on the event, including an incredibly eloquent interview. It aired that night on the 11:00 news. Check out the edited version:

Bring Your Own Voice on TV in Portland

The event went great otherwise with lots of interest from a variety of people. Special thanks to Galen, Amanda, Casco Bay Books and, of course, Tanja for help before, during and after the event.

Thanks also to everyone who showed up and everyone who was recorded.

Click below to hear some samples for your listening pleasure:

no idea

the sound of Portland

red and hot

I lived inside of a box


chill out


quiet and beautiful


cue-ball dust


when does this end?

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