April 14, 2005

CD release - Boston, MA

WHEN: Thursday, April 14, 7-9 PM
WHERE: Milky Way Lounge and Lanes, 403 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA

WHAT: Come celebrate the release of words and voices, the debut album from aesthetic evidence, and have your voice recorded in the BYOV Booth for use in future aesthetic evidence releases.

Milky Way is a great venue for this event as in addition to listening to aesthetic evidence music and getting recorded, you'll be able to play pool, grab a beer, and most importantly, partake in some candlepin bowling.



Number of voices recorded: 17
Reading sheets used: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7
Weather: colder than it should have been
Level of success: high
Photos: Check them out

Despite competing with game three of the first Yankees/Red Sox series at Fenway this season, there was a nice turn-out. I even had a line, at times, of people wanting to get inside the booth to record. Milky Way was a very cool location; the food was good and the general ambience fit the release event nicely. We were able to get more video footage for the 'About BYOV' film, and sold some cds as well.

Thank you to everyone who showed up and everyone who was recorded.

Click below to hear some samples:

Today is the day

Six arms

Maple syrup

Kind and short

a rock smiled

8 languages

Box, bottom, bar

ce soir




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