January 24, 2005

reasons why

So the update for today is, unfortunately, not much. But the reasons for this are good ones. The main reason is that I am ferociously working on my aevidence album called 'words and voices'. I am happy to report that the mastering was completed last weekend and the PMCD will be sent to the manufacturer this week. I am making progress on the cd packaging design which will, in a stroke of happenstance and luck, include some visuals that everyone who attended the Bernie Toale BYOV event will be familiar with.

So all is good here and progress is being made. However, this focus hasn't given me the time to spend diving into all of the no doubt fantastic voice recordings I made on January 8th. To those of you who participated: do not fear! I am very excited to begin writing with these results and will be doing so after the release of the album. Please feel free to contact me in the meantime with questions about this or anything else.

Posted by halsey at January 24, 2005 06:01 PM
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